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Founded in 2004, Spectral Energetics Inc. is a technology development company specializing in physiologic monitoring devices and minimally invasive medical diagnostic tools utilizing electromagnetic interrogation as a sensor modality. Spectral Energetics maximizes technologies and techniques to adapt microwave and other electromagnetic technologies to the application of monitoring human physiology.

Spectral Energetics is committed to the research and development of non-invasive prehospital diagnostics and medical monitoring systems to enhance treatment capabilities. Current efforts are focused on passive detection of brain activity, electromagnetic pathogen detection, radome assessment devices, and portable diagnostic tools to evaluate and triage common battlefield injuries.

Spectral Energetics is headquartered in Beavercreek, OH approximately five miles from WPAFB and Wright State University. Spectral Energetics has a cooperative arrangement with Wright State for access to electronic and RF test facilities and equipment.

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